The New Arsenal Football Club

There’s no doubt in my mind Arsenal will make dramatic and big improvements to their results in the upcoming English Premier League.

I just read what new coach Unai Emery said about the first match (against Champions Manchester City on August 12th): he wants the entire organization to show intensity and aggression and to be protagonists on and off the ball.

These words are music to my ears. In the most recent past, Arsenal would take their beatings against the European elite sides, and the team would play in the backs of their minds the other team had better quality. 

In many games, the Arsenal side appeared to play scared-of-losing and frightened of making a bad pass or giving the ball away. Then after the loss an Arsenal member would speak about how the team didn't have "it" that night and how the team will respond in training and in the next match.

Poo poo.

I know Arsenal have gifted, talented world class players. Now it appears the new manager will take advantage of the skill sets (pace, passing, creating chances) available to him and use them to the demise of Arsenal's rivals. 

I'm excited for August 12th and what this new-look Arsenal side will show us.


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