7th Grade Field Trip - June 5, 2017

SDSCPA seventh graders will be headed to Balboa Park for their end-of-year field trip.

Here's the program. The seventh-grade team designed four different programs for students to experience.

For students who are going, here's the experience sign-up.

For parents or family members interested in chaperoning, here's the sign-up form.

Important Information

1. Monday, the day of our field trip, is Pajama Day at SCPA. Field trip students may wear their pajamas; however, walking around Balboa Park wearing pajamas may not be as comfortable as other options (i.e. shorts, sneakers, t-shirt, etc.)

2. All 7th graders are expected to be present during 2nd period.

3. After 2nd period dismissal, field trip students will make their way to the lunch arbor for staging

4. Students on free/reduced will have their lunches packed in bulk and team members driving from SCPA to Balboa Park will transport the lunches

5. Student backpacks will be secured in the classrooms of Ms. Cohen and/or Ms Logan (no subs)

6. Field trip students are expected to bring their smart phones or cameras on the field trip

7. Field trip students are encouraged pack a small stringed-sack with sunscreen, bottled water, lunch

8. Non field trip students will receive their day's schedule during 2nd period on Monday (Hayes, Cohen)

9. Movement Maps, which were email to you earlier, will be given to adults on our team, and they can be passed out on the bus

10. Rosters of field trip students will be organized by the experience for which students signed-up, and we'll use these same rosters to take attendance on our buses

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