Passion, Faith, Love defy logic

Yael Averbuch plays soccer for the U.S. National Team
Yael Averbuch plays for the United States Women's Soccer team, and she recently wrote an amazing and inspiring essay on following dreams, and how pressures from the outside world forces the vast majority of people to abandon their dreams.

At 27 years, Yael wrote she continues to sleep in a bedroom in the house of her parents; most everything she does has been in pursuit of this undefinable dream that defies all worldly logic.
Logic tells me what I’m supposed to do. Logic tells me to put a timeline on my goals. Logic tells me to compare myself to other players. But I say that logic is for those bound by fear. It explains the world if you don’t have the guts to explain it your own way. Everything extraordinary — passion, faith, love — goes against logic.

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