Arctic Expedition - Day 20 & 21 - Teachers in the North Pole

Today is the last day of coring operations for this cruise! It's a significant day because three weeks of science have come to an end. Now we're cleaning up the ship and compartments, and preparing to disembark in a few days.

This morning many of us on-board saw land for the first time in three weeks. Barrow was in sight on the starboard side, and what a great feeling it was to see good ole land.

During this cruise, the Coast Guard team, or "Coasties" as they are known affectionately, were highly professional and extraordinarily helpful to all of us on the science team. One of the cooler happenings is to discover individuals with exceptional talent on-board.

One such exceptional persons on-board Healy is Command Master Chief Sullivan, who's official work is to be the "liaison between the ship's enlisted crewmembers and the command."

Master Chief Sullivan is an outstanding photographer, who also owns impeccable knowledge of the U.S. Coast Guard and its history. Sullivan has served for over 32 years!

In today's video, BMCM Sullivan takes us on a tour of Alaska and the Arctic through his photography.

Enjoy what will be my last video installment, and perhaps my last blog post, from the Arctic.

Thank you for following the cruise through this blog!

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