Arctic Expedition - Day 17 - Teachers at the North Pole

London's Arsenal defeats arch-rival Spurs 1-0 today Sang Tan/Associated Press
Today, the 18th day of our science cruise, was a fantastic day.

Reason #1: Arsenal extend the winning streak to four with a big-time win against arch rival Tottenham Hotspur 1-0, with Olivier Giroud, my fantasy soccer team captain, scoring the winner!

Reason #2: The storm is over! All day yesterday and evening our boat was rocking to-and-fro, atop some of the roughest seas we've experienced during the past two-and-a-half weeks.

The rough seas are over for now; however, there's word circulating on the ship that another storm is on the way.

Today was another day of coring for sediments; a typical coring day. The science team and the Healy crew are working well together, with this coring thing becoming "old hat."

Last night, during the rough seas and storms, the helicopter hangar hosted the first-ever music/karaoke night on the Healy (during this cruise to be more exact). You can see a little bit of footage during the middle of today's video, "Rough Seas."

Also, last night, we had Saturday Movie Night in the hangar with "The Other Guys." It was a packed hangar, and a whole lot of movie-goers were laughing; I know I was.

Tonight is team trivia competition on the mess deck.

Here's our current ship status: temp: 32F, latitude: 70.45N longitude: 143.54W; visibility: clear; heading: WNW

And now, today's video, Rough Seas:

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