Day 3 - Arctic Research Mission - Teacher at the North Pole

Day Three, August 17, 2013 of Healy Mission 13-02 was an exceptional day for the science team and the crew of USCG Healy. We finally raised our anchors, after three days on the ship, and began movement on the Arctic Ocean.
The earlier parts of the day were spent unpacking and setting-up all the equipment that will be dropped into the ocean to collect data and sediment samples.

Saturday was also the day we practiced: (1.) man-over-board, and (2) abandon ship drills. "Better safe than sorry" is what mom taught us.

Saturday was movie night, which was hosted by ENS Follmer, MSO in the helicopter hangar. There was one movie, The Grey and a Weather Channel documentary on USCGC Healy titled Breaking Ice.

Saturday was a good day. 

Check out the video about Day 3 on USCGC Healy as we begin our journey around the Arctic Ocean, collecting the things we need.

And finally, expect more blog posts about the science our science team is working on. Currently we are busy training the crew on the deployment of our scientific instruments.

A special thanks for the Coast Guard crew aboard the Healy. Your hospitality and professionalism has been noticed and appreciated.

Thank for coming to the blog site.

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