Day 2 - Arctic Research Mission - Teachers at the North Pole

Day two was an opportunity to get to know the ship better, its crew, and some of the protocols related to having a successful time on board USCGC Healy.

Day two had me visiting sick bay because prior to my departure flight from San Diego to Barrow, I "tweaked" my knee, and it became inflamed and was quite painful. Doc, who happens to be Chamorro (just like me, from the island of Guam) hooked me up with an ice bag and some anti-inflammatory and pain reduction meds. Today I awoke almost pain free.

Pictured to the left is USCGC Healy source:

Today the science crew members are busy setting up and staging the instruments which will be deployed from the rear of the vessel, using the A-frame to lower it into the ocean.

A science crew, pictured to the left, sending sensing instruments into the water: source:

I hear we will be headed to sea this afternoon. In the meantime, I'll be recording videos to edit for the next blog post. Stay tuned, and thank you very much for visiting.

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