Arctic Expedition - Day 9 - Teachers at the North Pole

Green arrow is our current station; white arrow is next station
Where Are We?
This is Day 9 of our Arctic Expedition. The Google Maps image to the left will give you a good idea of where we are currently (click the image to enlarge).

We are currently in Canadian waters after leaving Alaskan waters yesterday.

The green arrow on the image indicates the point where we are currently coring for sediments, while the white arrow points to the area where we will be headed next, Amundsen Gulf, part of the Northwest Territories, Canada.

We are finally surrounded by ice! As of yesterday after dinner, our icebreaker ship has finally found ice to break. I will be posting a video later today describing our surroundings, in addition to our first sighting of a polar bear mommy, and her cub.

Our Current Status
Click to enlarge
As you can see it's cold. The temperature is 21 degrees. Brrrr.

Today's video will be posted very soon. As we continue eastward, we will lose Internet connectivity at 127 W longitude, which is about a day's travel. So, time is of the essence.

Today's Video: Arctic Expedition - Day 9 - Polar Bears!
This video tells the story of how our team went from one type of polar environments--cold and watery--to a totally different type--hella-cold and icy--all in one day. This video also includes live polar bears, too!

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