Day 4 & 5 - Arctic Expedition - Teachers at the North Pole

This blog post was written from the upper most observation deck (Aloft Conn), which is the 08 Deck, above the bridge.
The Beaufort Gyre source:
This is what it looks like from the Aloft Conn (D. Blas)

Today (Monday) is purely a transit day. We are making our way east from Barrow, AK to the Beaufort Sea, where we will begin sampling around the Beaufort Gyre.

When we finally arrive to our desired location, the science team and the Healy crew will begin the deployment of the core sampling tools to collect sediments.

Our expectation is to arrive to our location between 8-10pm.

Not much new to report at this time, other than rougher oceans than the previous days.

Signing off from the Aloft Conn.

Your blogger, Danny Blas (D. Blas)

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