Arctic Expedition - Day 12 - Teachers at the North Pole

Day 12 gave the science team mellow seas and above freezing temperatures on the Arctic.

Our current location is: 71.20N latitude 126.45W longitude; speed 12.8 knots; temp 31.38 F

Today was a full day of coring activities, which are now completed. We are currently underway, headed west, and I just read an email that we have full internet connectivity. 

The crew aboard this mission are a creative and talented bunch. Here are some pictures taken by a member of the science team. The following images were shot by Akash Kataria (pictured):
by Sarah Kaye

1. One of the cores on a multi-core coring instrument; the multi-core attempt to capture the interface of the ocean water and the ocean floor, and often times living creatures are captured alive in the coring process

2. Gabriel Tegoseak and Brendan Reilly enjoying "Ice Liberty" on Saturday, August 24, 2013; the seafloor is over 1000 meters below the ice

3.  Thomas Martin is a member of the science team, serving on both the coring team and the seismic mapping (or CHIRP) team

4. Makenzie Roberts is a member of the science team, who is entering her senior year at University of California - San Diego

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