Arctic Expedition - Day 11 - Teachers at the North Pole

Today, like yesterday, is a transit day. We're headed east on the Beaufort Sea. Our current location is 71.24 N latitude, 126.45 W longitude, well out of satellite reach of internet connectivity. Pretty much we are unconnected to the greater outside world.

The above image was from yesterday's ice liberty. In this image are the two teachers from San Diego Unified School District, representing their respective schools--Danny Blas (your blogger) of Lincoln High School and Steve Walters of Mission Bay High School. In the background is our huge icebreaker ship, the USCGC Healy.

For many on-board, Sunday is a laundry day; for some a reading day; for others a afternoon nap day. We have the team trivia competition on the mess deck tonight at 7pm, so that's something to look forward to.

Other than team trivia, it's not a day filled with much excitement; however, anytime I'm on a ship, like the Healy, it's pretty exciting. 

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