Order 2013 Yearbook Online

Award-winning 2012 LHS Yearbook
at San Diego County Fair
The Lincoln High School yearbook staff are diligently compiling all the major stories of the year into our 2013 yearbook, The Statesman.

Students, staff, and parents can now order The Statesman online here.

In addition to having a hardcopy book, all the images and memories from 2012-2013 school year will be available digitally in an "online time-capsule". But hurry, this service is only available for a limited time.

Since 2011, The Statesman has been a Blue Ribbon winner at the San Diego County Fair.

The yearbook staff have dedicated itself to continuing the tradition of Blue Ribbon winning by ensuring all students are captured in the yearbook a minimum of three times, creating engaging page designs, and shooting captivating images.

Order your yearbook now!

Interested in submitting photos for potential use in the yearbook? Want to see all the photos the yearbook staff are working with? Go to ReplayIt.com and login or register today!

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