Marine Science Students Learning Ocean Research

Two LHS Marine Science students are onboard the UC San Diego research ship R/V Melville, currently off the Northern California coast, dropping instruments into the ocean, as part of a research team.

R/V Mellville is a reserach vessel on which Jonathan Franco and Julie Alvarez, students at Lincoln High School, will be assisting in the oceanographic research for three weeks out at sea on the Northern California coast.
Jonathan Franco and Julie Alvarez, both seniors, were selected to represent Lincoln High School as the only high school students to take their place amongst the research scientists.

The mission will out on the Pacific between Nov. 10 - Dec 3.

Follow the two Hornets as they blog about their daily work on the ship, and answering their classmates' questions each day (links to the blogs can be found above).

Marine Science is a year-long, UC-"D" course that builds on the physical and life science concepts learned in previous science courses, and applies those concepts to the exploration of the living and nonliving environments of our bays and oceans.

Danny Blas is the teacher, and Geoff Cromwell, a research scientist and Ph.D. candidate at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (UCSD), serves as the class' resident scientist.

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